If you're unable to run a class for whatever reason, it's really important to update your timetable so that any booked-on customers will be notified. The last thing you want is an unhappy customer waiting outside a locked studio for a class that's not running!

Cancelling a class will send a message to any members who are booked on, so that they know the class isn't running. This will also prevent any further bookings for the session you've cancelled.

So how do I cancel a class?

Cancelling your class is super easy so you can do it from your sick bed, or on the move!

1. Log into your Move partner portal

2. Head over to the tab named 'Cancel Classes'.

       Here, you will see your classes that are running for the next 2 weeks

3. For the class that you wish to cancel, simply hit the 'Cancel Class' button

If there's turn in events and the class no longer needs to be cancelled, the 'Reinstate' button will make the activity bookable again.

NB: We do not recommend cancelling classes if there is chance of the class being covered. It is proven that cancelling a class interrupts a customer's habit formation, and can therefore negatively impact the loyalty of a customer to your venue.

If you need to arrange for classes to be cancelled outside of the next two upcoming weeks, please contact our team so that they can arrange future class cancellations for you. 

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