How does it work?

If you're on this booking system, it's likely that you run sessions that require you to communicate with the customer before booking, such as a Personal Training session where you need to discuss times to meet, what the customer is looking for and what you can provide.

Once a customer has contacted you and arranged a time for their session/treatment/class, you will need to log into your MoveGB Partner Portal to book them in for their session.

How do I book someone in?


1. Log into your MoveGB Partner Portal and go to the 'Customer Check-In' tab.

2. Type the customer's name into the search bar, and click on their name once they appear

3. On the right hand side, your activities will appear. Select the activity you'd like to book them into.

4. Click "Book Future Session" and select the date that the customer will attend.

5. Hit the "Book" button, and you're all done!

What do I do when someone arrives?

When customers attend, they need to be checked in so that we know to pay you for the attendance!

Like booking someone in, you can do this in your Partner Portal. Once logged in, the booking will appear under the 'Today's Bookings' sub-heading. Simply click on it to check them in.

But what if they don't attend?

In the unlikely event that a customer does not attend a pre-booked session then the visit will not be added to your Payment Report and you will not be paid for this session. 

If you had no-shows the day before, you’ll receive an email alert each morning pointing you to a list of any no-shows from the day before. Here you’ll have the option to set and charge a no-show fee to help discourage this behaviour.

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