What is the Auto Accept booking system?

Luckily for you, this is a super easy way of securing bookings. If you've got enough space in your classes to accept all bookings, this is a great option for you. It gives the customer a positive experience by providing immediate confirmation, and means you don't have to accept or decline any bookings!

If you're close to reaching max capacity (woohoo!), there's also the option of accepting a certain number of bookings, and then sending any extras through as requests in case you've got the extra space. 

If this is something you want to do, just give us a shout and we can help set that up!

What do I do when someone arrives?

When customers attend, they need to be checked in so that we know to pay you for the attendance!

Customers can check themselves in on their app, but you're also able to do so on your MoveGB Portal. You can ask customers to check themselves in at the beginning of your class, or alternatively, check them in afterwards (as long as it's on the same day).

At the beginning of each class, try saying something like:

"Can all MoveGB members check in on their app? Any problems, let me know!"

But what if they don't attend?

If a customer did not attend a pre-booked class then the visit will not be added to your Payment Report and you will not be paid for this session. 

If you had no shows the day before, you’ll receive an email alert each morning pointing you to a list of any no-shows from the day before. Here you’ll have the option to set and charge a no-show fee to help discourage this behaviour.

What do I do if someone turns up without booking?

In the rare occasion that someone comes to your class without booking, if you have space, let them in. You can record their attendance in your Partner Portal after the class to ensure that you get paid for the booking.

If you do not have space, it's definitely worth giving a friendly explanation that they can't attend this week, but you'd encourage them to book in for next week.

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