Once a class is in progress you will see it listed on the home screen as the current class with the number of confirmed attendances (which will be zero to start with).

When you select the class you will then see the list of customers with confirmed bookings in the "Class Register"

Simply tap the circle next to each customer that has attended and they will be moved to the "Confirmed Attendees" list.

Keeping Track

To keep track of who has attended which class in the past, you can refer back to the attendance records for previous classes from the history screen.

Viewing a previous class will give you a list of all confirmed attendees and those who did not show up. (Plus any cancelled or declined bookings)

I hope you enjoy using Move Indies and if you have any comments, queries or suggestions please get in touch.

If you haven't already you can sign up and start using Move Indies at https://indies-app.movegb.com/

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