Once you have set up your timetable and started sharing your classes with your customers they will be able to request to book a space in your class via the public class page.

Your Public Class Page

This is the page that is shared when you use the social media sharing links for a class. It has all the information you set up about the class and it's location. And the all important Big Book Button.

Once your customer clicks on the Book button, they will be shown the following options (the Apple Pay button will appear on compatible devices).  

Paying Up Front (Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal)

If your customer chooses one of these options they will be asked to pay the class price immediately. Once they have done that successfully they will see the following screen where they can double check their contact details (in case their details with the payment provider are not up to date).

You will then receive a text message notifying you of their booking request. 

"Stephen England has requested booking for HIIT IIT Real Good on Fri 17th August https://indies-app.movegb.com/class/hiit-itt-12345678/manage"

Following the link in the text message will take you back to the class page where you can confirm their booking.

If you accept their booking they will then receive a text message letting them know you have accepted their booking; if you decline their booking they will then be refunded and notified you have declined their booking. 

Cash/Offline payment Bookings

So that we can confirm the identity of customers wishing to book with Cash/Offline payments there is an extra step that customers will need to take.

If they choose the "Pay with Cash/ Pay Offline" option they will be shown the following. 

Once they have entered their Name and Number they will see this message.

And they will receive a text message like below asking confirm their request.

"To confirm your booking request, click this link: https://indies-staging.movegb.com/cb/a1234567

Once they have clicked the confirmation link you will then receive the booking request message and continue the process as with a pre paid booking. However you will be responsible for collecting the payment from the customer via cash or other offline methods (cheque or BACS etc).

I hope enjoy using Move Indies and if you have any comments, queries or suggestions please get in touch.

If you haven't already you can sign up and start using Move Indies at https://indies-app.movegb.com/

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