Once you have your timetable set up, the next step is ask your customers to book via Move Indies. Thankfully we provide tools that make it easy to share your classes via social media, email or via your blog or website.

Social Media Sharing

To share your classes on your social medias is very straight forward. Simply view the class you want to share and click on the relevant social media icon. 

It will open a window in the relevant platform with all the activity details pre-filled, and gives you the option to tailor the message you send to your customers. 

Share URL

We also provide the ability to copy the URL of the class so you can paste it into any other social media platform or your blog and email. All the things! Simply click on the icon next to the URL and the address will be copied to your clipboard for pasting anywhere you like.

Share Your Class Listing

We also allow you to share a listing of all your upcoming classes. To do this go to the account page in Move Indies. You will then have the same sharing options as above for your class listing page.

You can link to this page from your website, Facebook page or Twitter biog and it will always stay up to date allowing customers to always know what classes you have available.

What your customers see

When a customer visits the class URL that you have shared they will see all the details about that class and be able to book directly from that page.

I hope you enjoy using Move Indies and if you have any comments, queries or suggestions please get in touch.

If you haven't already you can sign up and start using Move Indies at https://indies-app.movegb.com/

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