It takes less than three minutes to list your classes and open them up for bookings, once you have a Move Indies account. The above video shows you how to create a class on your timetable, and share that timetable booking link with potential customers. 

Alternatively, here are the steps you should follow to create and share your timetable:

Once you have done that you will be presented with this simple form. Below I will run though what each field is.

Image (required): An image that represents your class. Clicking on the icon will prompt you to choose an image from your device/computer. A landscape photograph works best.

Title (required): A descriptive title for your class.

Location (required): Will prompt you to search for a location. We are using Google's locations to provide this search so we should have most venues. If you are having trouble finding your specific location you can enter a street address or a postcode.

Time (required): Choose the start and end time of your class.

Date (required): Choose the date of your class.

Recurs Weekly: By checking this option Move Indies will automatically create a new instance of this class every week at the same time starting from the Date you selected above.

Price (required): The price a customer will pay to attend this class.

Cash / Offline Payments: We automatically allow for your customers to pay to attend your class, via an online payment. By checking this box, you are opting to allow customers to book with Move Indies (we will verify them using a text message) and pay you directly when they attend, using an offline payment method (cash, cheque, BACS). It will be down to you to ensure you collect these payments. If you do enable this please consider noting what offline payment methods you will accept in the Description field. 

Once you have completed all the required fields, you hit enter and your class will be ready to promote!  

To share your timetable link with potential customers, click back in the top left, select "account" tab in the bottom right and copy/paste the link on your social media pages (etc) to allow people to access your timetable. 

I hope you enjoy using Move Indies and if you have any comments, queries or suggestions please get in touch.

If you haven't already you can sign up and start using Move Indies at

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