I am now pleased to announce our latest ALPHA release of Move Indies is ready. As well as a number of bug fixes and improvements we have two new major features now available:

  • Weekly recurring classes
  • Accept bookings with PayPal

That is on top of the existing features:

  • Sign up and create an account
  • Create and schedule classes
  • Share classes on social media
  • Accept cash / offline payment bookings
  • Accept/decline bookings
  • Record class attendance

This is an ALPHA (nerd speak for early release) app but we are now happy that you can use Move Indies to create your classes, share your classes and take bookings and payments.

There will be some bugs and rough edges. We are looking to get as much feedback from you as possible so we can quickly improve and get it production ready ASAP. The following features are coming in future releases:

  • Messaging to individual customers and to classes
  • Accept bookings from Movers
  • Accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • And more based on your feedback/suggestions

You can start using Move Indies here (the Indies web app works best on a mobile device):


Please email me if you encounter any issues or have any questions or feedback. It would be great to hear your thoughts.

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