What is the Move Discovery Membership?

When people are deciding where they want to workout, the opportunity to try somewhere new is a massive factor in the decision, hence why offering a free taster on the Move platform helps you drive more customers to try out and then return to your venue.

How does the Discovery Membership affect my business?

The Discovery Membership is our way to introduce as many customers to you as possible. It's basically an extended trial time which costs them £1 per week to get restricted trial access (not a long term solution). 

It's proven to drive a large volume of people to sign up and try out more venues than ever before! If you offer a free taster then expect to be showcased to them as available throughout their experience a with the green Discover banner a little like this!

How will this affect my direct customers base?

Because Discovery is restricted to only free taster visits, it's designed to be a way to try out venues, like yours, and not allow people to use it as a long term solution. 

There is therefore no risk of your customers that are already paying you direct feeling like Move Discovery is in any way a replacement for the awesome service that you offer.

How do I make the most out of the Discovery members that visit my venue?

We provide the flow of new customers, you provide the experiences that make them come back! Here's our 3 top tips for converting Discovery Members into returning customers.

1. Give a great experience

Ensure your new visitors feel welcomed and integrated with the class or familiar with the venue. Ask how you can help them get the most out of their sessions with you and what they'd like to achieve by keeping active, and don't forget to ask for their thoughts and when they are planning on coming back, hopefully they'll even commit to booking another session with you right there and then!

2. Entice them back to try you out again after a shorter period of time if they don't continue.

Customers that try out your venues and do not continue are your hottest leads. This is the same for any business. Giving another free session after a while to see if you can entice them back is recommended and it's best not to wait too long. With Move you can choose to do this automatically with no admin or organisation required as soon as 30 days later.

If you'd like to know more about this then check out this article on how this works.

3. Set up direct offers

If you would like to sell your direct offers to Movers, then simply set them up here! We'll display your direct offers of memberships or class packs on your MoveGB page and to Movers that have tried out your venue.

* Bear in mind, customers who attend as a MoveGB member instead of paying you directly are actually shown to have more than twice the life time value to most businesses!

If you have any unanswered questions about Discovery then don't hang about, get in touch now!

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